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We are so thankful for the support that we have received.  From friends and family to customers, who often are like family, to acquaintances to strangers, we are thankful for every one of you.  This little cafe has been our heart and soul and we have put everything that we are into this.  We miss being there and we miss seeing all of the regulars who are there every day.  We miss seeing all the regulars that are there once or twice a week or once or twice a month.  We miss seeing and meeting new people and families that are stopping by for the first time and getting to know them and sharing a little of ourselves with them.  Kari and I are so saddened by all of this.

The fire occurred in the dining room.  We are so very thankful that nobody was hurt.  What we’ve heard from investigators, there probably was not much of a raging fire but a slow smoldering which happened for hours.  It started sometime Monday late afternoon or early evening and I discovered the smoldering ruins of a counter and thick smoke and black soot covering everything when I came to open the diner at 4:30 Tuesday morning.  I was so confused when I first unlocked the door and wasn’t sure what had happened or what was happening so called 911 right away.  The Savage Fire Department was there in minutes and was awesome.  They were  professional and very supportive (some of them frequent the Windmill for breakfast) and answered any questions I had.  Looking back, I think I was in a bit of shock because a couple of hours later I had dozens of questions I wish I should have asked.  They have been helpful after the fact as well with questions and information.  They are such a great group of people and the Savage community is lucky to have such a dedicated and skilled group to assist us in our times of need.  Because of the extended slow burn, it didn’t build heat fast enough to blow out any windows to let any of the smoke out of the building.  Damage-wise, it sounds like this would be one of the worst-case scenarios as the smoke and soot is around everything, on everything, and in everything.

We are in the process of doing detailed inventory and recording every piece of silverware, and plate, and cup, and knickknack, and utensil, and piece of equipment and hope to have that completed soon.  Once that is complete a restoration company will do some test cleanings on a few items to determine what can be cleaned and salvaged/reused and what needs to be replaced.  Once insurance has approved everything and we are all on the same page, then we can begin removal of everything from the building for cleaning or disposal and once it is all out we can begin the process of cleaning every nook and cranny of every surface and start to order replacement equipment.  This will be a very long process, probably taking months before demolition and cleaning is complete and remodeling is complete and new equipment is installed.

We are so very grateful to our dear friends (and who happen to be the previous owner’s children) who have started a GoFundMe page for our employees.  We are truly in awe at the response it has received.  Words cannot begin to express our thanks and gratitude.  Our business insurance should cover the stuff, but it won’t help our staff who are out of work for a very extended period of time.  We are a small little restaurant and don’t have loads of employees, everyone pitches in to help wherever they can whenever they can with whatever they can.  As sad as we are to have lost our stuff and to have to put our business and livelihood and our lives on hold, it pales in comparison to the true utter heartbreak we have that our staff is out of work and may struggle.  We spend so much time together and have so much fun together.  They are a part of our family and we are doing everything we can to help each other in whatever way we can.  Every penny of this GoFundMe will go to them.  It is not for the business, it is a gift to help our family get through this until we can get up and running again.

Thank you again for all of the support, we are so humbled.

Adam & Kari

Windmill Staff GoFundMe Page


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